2017 Electrical Code Classes
Approved in Delaware and Maryland

Delaware Licensed Electricians

  • Continuing Education log sheet is due no later than June 30,

  • T-1 and T-2 must obtain a minimum of 10 hours of continuing
    education since the 2016 renewal of your license.

  • Both T-1 and T-2 licenses are due for renewal by June 30,

  • Journeyperson and Apprentices must obtain a minimum of 5
    hours of continuing education prior to the June 30, 2018

  • License by Renewal

2018 Renewal Information

Several weeks before your license expiration date, a renewal notice
will be mailed to the address on your record.  This notice will
explain how to access the online renewal application. To complete
the online renewal application, you must use a credit card to pay
your renewal fee.

You are responsible to keep your contact information in the
Delaware records up-to-date.  You may check and update your
contact information online at dpr.delaware.gov.

For information about the change to the continuing education
requirements for your profession, please refer to rule 8.0 of the
Board's Rules and Regulations.

To renew an active license, you will need to provide information
about your continuing education and liability insurance.

To renew an inactive license, you will need to provide information
about continuing education.